90% of Breast Cancer Occurs Randomly​

But You Have More Power Than You Think

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1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer during their lifetime but only 5-10% of newly diagnosed patients had any family history of it, according to the CDC.
Today, you have the power to take charge and know if you are on a path towards a diagnosis. You have the options to predict, prepare, or prevent. Are you ready to join the geneType era?

Introducing the premier home test kit for predictive risk and preventative healthcare.
Learn the likelihood of breast cancer over the next 5-years — and in your remaining life — 

with a quick, easy-to-use cheek swab.

Family History is Just Part of the Story

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Understanding your genetic risk profile not only benefits you but also safeguards the health of the women you care about. Share this knowledge with your family to motivate them to get tested and lower their breast cancer risk.

The Hidden Risks of Dense Breast Tissue

Recently had a mammogram? Planning to schedule one soon? Our premier and cutting-edge collection kit is an easy way to take defensive measures into your own hands

Fact: Women with dense breast tissue are at greater risk because tumors are harder to detect, even with a mammogram. 

Fact: Research suggests dense breast tissue creates an environment where tumors have a greater chance at growing and spreading.

Fact: Up to 39% of breast cancer cases could potentially be prevented if women shifted from higher breast density categories (C and D) to lower categories (A and B).

Empower yourself to take a proactive approach to your health, giving you invaluable insights to protect yourself. Isn’t knowing the likelihood of a breast cancer diagnosis in your lifetime and a complimentary Genetic Counselor worth $149?

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As a woman over 30, your health is your top priority. geneType offers the most thorough breast cancer prediction test kit available today. Only geneType provides a detailed lifetime risk report and a free post-test consultation. This helps you and your doctor make a plan to keep you healthy.


Our advanced analysis doesn’t just rely on family history like older tests do. Instead, we examine 300+ genetic markers to gauge your specific risk of breast cancer. This approach provides a more precise and useful understanding of your health status.

Predict. Prepare. Prevent.

Learn about your personal breast cancer risk profile and start a plan to ensure the best outcome. Focus on your wellbeing and feel empowered by knowing how to protect yourself in the future. Start your journey to a healthier tomorrow now!


Once you have your personalized risk score, you and your healthcare provider can team up to create customized screening and prevention plans. These might involve:

  • Getting mammograms more often
  • Having additional tests like ultrasounds or MRIs
  • Taking medicine to lower your risk
  • Making lifestyle changes to address factors you can control


Our experienced team has devoted more than 20 years turning cutting-edge genetic research into reliable tests validated by science and modern-day reporting standards. We have 17 patents (and more pending) and our work is validated by other experts in the field. We’re dedicated to making personalized healthcare a reality because the “one-size-fits-all” model of yesterday isn’t guaranteed to work for everyone.

Don’t wait to put your health first. Start towards a longer, healthier life by ordering your geneType Breast Cancer Lifetime Risk Assessment Test today.

Post-Test Consultation

Unlike other tests that treat everyone the same, geneType is there for you even after you get your results. We offer a post-test session with one of our elite Genetic Counselors to explain your results and advise you on what to do next.

These sessions are included, at no extra cost, for both patients and healthcare providers. Our skilled Genetic Counselors are here to help you understand and support you with their valuable expertise.

With geneType, you’re never alone. We promise to assist you at every stage of your cancer prediction testing journey.

Don’t be afraid! Be the hero that defends against breast cancer with confidence.

See what the experts say:

Genetic counselor telehealth


When you buy any geneType risk assessment test kit, you don't just get results, you also meet with a certified genetic counselor who helps you understand everything. They explain in simple terms, not complicated medical language. This counseling session is included in the kit's price, making it a great deal. It's a rare chance to have a personalized talk with a medical expert, tailored to your needs.

Limited Time Offer: Save $150

Get the geneType Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Test Kit, including a personalized genetic counseling session, for just $149 - that's $150 off the regular price of $299, but only for a limited time!

You Are Just 1 Step Away

Predict. Prepare. Prevent.

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Accredited For Compliance With NPAAC Standards And ISO 15189
CLIA Number 99D2023356

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